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Working with Panasonic

The Festival of Up Helly Aa


Urbancroft Films Creative Director Martyn Robertson was approached by Panasonic to direct a cinematic documentary film celebrating the Shetland festival of Up Helly Aa. Using Panasonic’s latest technology to film in 4K and 8K, the shoot would test the new Panasonic 8K prototype camera prior to it’s launch, looking at how it coped in low and in high light, such as filming fire.
A crew of twenty five from Japan joined the Urbancroft Films team and facilities partners Progressive Broadcast, and were all made to feel very welcome in Shetland! The Up Helly Aa committee generously allowed unprecedented access, and it was an incredible festival to be part of with such a strong community spirit and an amazing atmosphere.
“It’s always interesting, and a challenge, to work with new filming equipment, and new crew. The fundamentals are the same; it’s our job to tell a story and capture beautiful visuals of that story. The new equipment is still a prototype and everything took far longer than usual due to ongoing camera checks and tests, but the footage captured is incredible. It’s amazing to get a glimpse of what is going to be possible in future.”
Martyn Robertson, Urbancroft Films Creative Director
In addition to filming in 8K, the team also shot in 4K with the Panasonic EVA1 and the Varicam 35. Here’s a look behind the scenes:
Post production is now complete, and the film, narrated by 2017 Jarl, Lyall Gair, can be seen here in HD:
The 8K film will premiere at an event in Las Vegas this month. Urbancroft Films were proud to be part of the project and both we, and Panasonic have been impressed with the results achieved. We will definitely look to add Panasonic cameras to the equipment that we offer our clients, and look forward to exciting camera developments coming our way in future!
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