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Films for The Mackay Clinic

We’re pleased to share some films that we developed last year with Professor Gordon Mackay, highlighting his incredible, innovative invention, The Internal Brace.

Widely regarded as the most significant advance in a generation for the treatment of severe knee, ankle and shoulder injury, the simple and effective procedure of The Internal Brace has dramatically improved the outcomes and drastically reduced recovery times for what were once sports career-ending injuries. The revolutionary invention has also transformed lives of the wider public, enabling patients to walk and get back to their daily lives just hours after surgery.


Integral to all Urbancroft Films projects, we embarked on thorough development process with Professor Mackay to fully understand his work and create a unique way to bring this to life on film. We developed a film treatment incorporating anatomical body paint to ‘peel back’ the skin and give the viewer an insight to the inner workings of the The Internal Brace (and in a non-gruesome way!). 

We brought on board talented body paint artist Raphaelle Fieldhouse for Get Made Up and filmed a series of adverts in the studio with past patients of The Mackay Clinic. It was great to work with gymnast Sarah McKenzie, footballer Mark Reynolds, rugby’s Alex McGuire and Team GB skier Iain Innes.


“This wouldn’t have got off the ground without input from Urbancroft, who translated an idea from an over coffee discussion into a storyboard and then to a definitive film.”

Here, Professor Mackay discusses the filming process along with some behind the scenes footage that we captured during the shoot:


Here is a link to the main advert created for The Mackay Clinic:


We are currently filming a series of case studies giving further testimony to Professor Mackay’s work and look forward to sharing these soon too.

To find out more about The Internal Brace and to see our films in their new home, visit:


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